The Department of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Engineering (DAASE) was established in December 2015 as an interdisciplinary division at IIT Indore, focusing on a wide range of research topics in the domain of Astronomy and Space weather and navigation studies. Our efforts are not only limited to the research domain but also go well in Astronomy outreach. This interdisciplinary division is a unique department among all IITs that offers a dedicated and focused platform to pursue research in Astronomy and space sciences.

We have varied research interests in radio astronomical instrumentation, observational cosmology, atmospheric corruptions and ionospheric turbulences, computational astrophysics, MHD simulations, high energy astrophysics and compact object physics.

Since February, 2015 we are also founder members of the Square Kilometer Array – India (SKA-I) consortium. Our faculty members are actively involved in SKA-I related research.

The department is involved in developing a number of high-end research facilities.

DAASE IIT Indore is starting a unique interdisciplinary B.Tech programme in Space Science and Engineering in 2023 which envisions imparting state-of-the-art knowledge in the domain and developing skilled human resources to meet the demand of the ever-growing space and allied sectors of India and the world. To know more click here and for its details about career prospects visit our B.Tech programme page click here