MS (Research) in Space Sciences and Engineering

NameSaswata Dasgupta
Title of thesisAnalysing Hi 21-cm Images From the Epoch of Reionization using Largest Cluster Statistics (LCS)
SupervisorDr. Suman Majumdar and Prof. Abhirup Datta
Year of graduation2023
Current affiliationAccepted PhD offer from University of Cambridge, UK
NameManish Mawatwal
Title of thesisDeep Learning in Cyclone Forecasting
SupervisorDr. Saurabh Das
Year of graduation2023
Current affiliationJoined job at Deloitte, India
NameChavakula Subhasri
Title of thesisFPGA Based Deep Learning Accelerator for RF Applications
SupervisorProf. Abhirup Datta
Year of graduation2023
Current affiliationJob offer as FPGA Developer, TSC Technologies, India